Review finds no intent to deceive by Fullerton police in Kelly Thomas death

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The Fullerton police department had no intent to deceive the public in the 2011 beating death of homeless man Kelly Thomas, according to an independent review.

The chief attorney for the Los Angeles Office of Independent Review told the Fullerton city council on Tuesday that he recommended the city draft a policy for releasing photos and obtain better information before releasing it to the public, but found no intent to deceive.

He was speaking specifically in regards to a photo of the homeless man police released after the confrontation and information released about officers' potential injuries.

The photo was a 2009 booking photo police had taken of Kelly which was released to the press after he died.

The potential injuries referred to a claim Fullerton police had made that their officers suffered "fractures" in the beating. In fact, they had suffered minor wounds - not fractures.

Michael Gennaco also says a search of a backpack carried by Kelly Thomas revealed mail, a passport and employee identification belonging to other people, but these items had been discarded and lost - not stolen.

Gennaco did not address the confrontation itself and will report back in April.

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