California's popularity sinks among states, Republicans

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34161 full

So you think everybody loves California? Guess again. A survey from the nonpartisan Public Policy Polling says that most Americans like most of the states that make up the U.S., but five states get a higher negative rating than a positive one.

Among those five, California rates worst: 44 percent rate it unfavorably, and only 27 percent give it a thumbs up.

Other states in negative territory include Illinois, New Jersey, Mississippi and Utah.

Questions were simple: polled participants were simply asked if they had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of each state, with 50 questions for the 50 states. Other questions asked for gender and political affiliation.

When pollsters ask Democrats, the favorable rating goes up. Republicans, on the other hand, slap California with a 68 percent unfavorable rating.

"So the greatest partisan gap is for California, which Democrats like 91 points more than Republicans do," summed up the poll, adding that California was "followed by Texas, which is favored more by Republicans by 82 points."

So, which states do most Americans love the best?

Hawaii, of course, followed by Colorado, Tennessee, South Dakota and Virginia.

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