California in top 10 states for best credit scores; Southern states rank at the bottom

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34077 full

Having a good credit score can make it much easier to borrow money, or even get a job. Californians rank above average when it comes to credit scores, but not by much. crunched the numbers for all 50 states, and Californians land in the top 10, with an average score of 665, exactly one point above the national average.

Hawaii and Wisconsin have the highest scores.

At the bottom of the pile are Mississippi, and four other Southern states: Arkansas, Louisiana, South Carolina and West Virginia.

Credit Karma says income and education play a big role here. People with less schooling tend to earn less money, and run into bigger debt problems.

And even though that 665 number puts California above most of the country, let’s not pat ourselves on the back. The experts say anything below 720 will give you problems when you go to the bank.

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