Democrats, Republicans meet together with Gov. Brown in rare move

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

File: California Gov. Jerry Brown gives a speech at Los Angeles City Hall on January 18, 2012 in Los Angeles.

Gov. Jerry Brown returns to California tomorrow after a long weekend of meetings in Washington. One of those final sessions was rare for Capitol Hill; the governor managed to get Republicans and Democrats from the California delegation into the same room.

Brown took credit for bringing both parties together, but there was no singing of "Kumbaya." He says it's a "fairly divided delegation. That seems to be pretty self-evident."

Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman of Los Angeles says lawmakers talked about issues that could unite the delegation. "Some people suggested maybe immigration, because it’s so important to California."

Waxman says the governor suggested extending student visas, allowing skilled graduates to stay in the U.S.

Republican Congressman Jerry Lewis of Redlands agrees immigration is important, but adds a caveat: "Frankly, we’ve got to convince our public that it’s in our interest."

Lewis says if California worked with Mexico, Latin America and Canada, it could create a trading block to rival Europe, India and China.

Brown says he plans to return to Washington “to keep the good will going.”

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