Orange County supervisors vote down term limit change

Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach chats at a reception.
Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach chats at a reception.
Judith Anderson/Flickr

Orange County voters won’t get a chance to decide whether county supervisors should get a chance to serve an extra term. The supervisors in question voted down a proposal on Tuesday to put a term limit change on the June ballot.

Supervisor John Moorlach, who is himself in his final term, wanted to put a referendum on the ballot to extend supervisor term limits from two consecutive four-year terms to three four-year terms in a lifetime.

A lifetime cap doesn’t exist today. Moorlach says other Southern California counties have either a three-term lifetime max or no term limits at all.

According to Moorlach, the cap puts Orange County at a disadvantage on state panels that county supervisors sit on. Moorlach also says term limits lead elected officials to spend their last term finding other posts to run for.

But a majority of the Orange County board disagreed, voting down his proposal 3-2. Other supervisors say the system is fine the way it is, letting people leave to serve in other positions and come back when they might be even better legislators.