Arrests of Occupy activists follow California State Capitol protests

34594 full
34594 full

Arrests began almost two hours after the California Highway Patrol closed the Capitol building Monday night, according to KCRA-3 and Fox News.

Ed Fletcher of the Sacramento Bee and David Bienick of KCRA-3 both report that the arrests seem to be peaceful.

Only around 40 protesters remain in the Capitol Monday night after being ordered to disperse by police. California Highway Patrol officers gave the dispersal orders at 6:22 p.m.

The protesters chose to remain after a full day in which thousands of protesters showed up at the Capitol building to demonstrate against rising tuition rates.

Most of the remaining protesters are with the Occupy movement.

Outside the building, hundreds of protesters remain, and about 130 police officers in riot gear are flanking one side of the building. A CHP helicopter is circling overhead, reports the Associated Press.

Four people have already been arrested during the day's rally. They included a 34-year-old man who was arrested earlier in the day for possession of a switchblade knife.

Police now outnumber the protesters.

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