Immigration activists plan downtown LA May Day rally

Paige Osburn/KPCC

Leftover signs as immigration protesters move out in downtown L.A. for a rally last December.

Plans are quickly taking shape for a massive May Day rally in downtown Los Angeles to support immigration reform.

Organizer Juan Jose Gutierrez says he recognizes President Barack Obama has addressed the issue in recent months.

“We need to see concrete constructive and positive action on the part of his administration," Gutierrez says. "And so those are good signals that he’s sending, but he hasn't yet made them a reality.”

The upcoming May Day rally is billed as a multiracial event. Organizers hope tens of thousands of people will participate.

Immigration reform is expected to be just one plank featured.

Demonstrators say they’ll march to save the adult education programs LAUSD may cut because of budget troubles, a measure activist John Fernandez says will affect more than 300,000 adult students.

“The board wants to close ESL, citizenship, industrial and vocational art classes that provide needed job training for our community," said Fernandez. "We will not let this happen.”

The marchers will also rally against Secure Communities, a federal fingerprint sharing policy that aims to deport illegal immigrants who've committed serious crimes.

The rally will kick off May 1, at Olympic and Broadway.

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