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Glendale man faces down bear in his garage

Glendale has been besieged by bears, the Los Angeles Times reports. Well, OK, one bear.

Glendale authorities say locals should keep an eye out for one particular bear, after a resident on the 3700 block of Beechglen Drive found the animal rifling through his garage refrigerator.

The Beechglen Drive neighborhood sits along the Verdugo Mountains just south of the Foothill (210) Freeway.

The man was reportedly awakened by strange noises coming from his garage at about 3 a.m. on Wednesday.

He opened the door to find a bear crouching beside his fridge.

"The bear and the resident made eye contact," says city spokeswoman Vicki Gardner. "And [then] the resident went back inside and locked his door."

Police arrived just in time to see the bear "leap over the fence" and exit through the backyard.

Gardner says the city has received reports that a bear had been plundering outdoor trash cans in the area, and that she suspects it's possible the animal wandered into the nearby Verdugo Mountains.

"He may be headed up the hillside," Gardner told the Times. "We assume he headed home with some of the garbage he found."