Downtown's green bike lane may get axed from city's script

Hayley Fox/KPCC

The green paint on the Downtown bike lanes is faded and peeling after only a few months.

The city's experiment with a brightly-colored bike lane isn’t working out exactly as planned.

The wide, neon-green stripe that stretches down Spring Street, past City Hall and LAPD Headquarters is hard to miss. The specially-designated lane was supposed to be a first step in a larger effort to make L.A. more bicycle-friendly. But it turns out that one man’s friend is another man’s frustration.

The film industry, who frequently use Spring Street as a stand-in for your typical urban thoroughfare in Anytown, U.S.A., is not happy.

Industry people tell the L.A. Times, more than a few location shoots have had to be moved to avoid the bright green strip.

The city admits it should have included the film folks in the early discussions, and a search is on for a paint that works a little better on the screen.

Just as well; the original paint is already fading and peeling off in some high-traffic areas, another reason to try again.

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