Construction workers rally for federal transportation money on the National Mall

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Federal money for transportation projects runs out in two weeks. Tuesday, construction workers rallied with a bipartisan group of lawmakers on the National Mall to push for a House vote on a multi-year transportation bill.

With cement mixers and pickup trucks parked near the Washington Monument, about 200 hard hat-wearing workers cheered Senator Barbara Boxer’s challenge to her House colleagues. "Do you think they should get the job done?" she asked, to support from the crowd.

Last week, the Senate passed a two-year, $109 billion measure with bipartisan support. The California Democrat, who heads the Environment and Public Works Committee, told the crowd the key was reaching across the aisle.

"I had to compromise with my friend and colleague Senator Inhofe," Boxer said. "We come from different political parties and almost different planets. But we were able to agree on this."

Boxer and Inhofe spar regularly on climate change, but came together on the Senate transportation bill.

House leaders haven’t been able to find enough Republican votes to pass the House version of the bill. President Barack Obama says he’ll sign the Senate version if it passes the House.

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