Marine may be kicked out of Corps for criticizing Obama on Facebook

The Facebook homepage for Armed Forces Tea Party.
The Facebook homepage for Armed Forces Tea Party.
Paige Osburn/KPCC

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A Marine at Camp Pendleton may get kicked out of the Corps because of a Facebook page.

Sgt. Gary Stein has been a Marine for nine years and was hoping to stay a lot longer, but after starting a Facebook group called Armed Forces Tea Party and repeatedly criticizing President Barack Obama, Stein faces possible dismissal.

Stein's criticisms first centered on Obama's health care plan, then branched to several other fronts, including Afghanistan.

Stein also declares that he would disobey what he calls unlawful orders from the commander-in-chief.

A fellow Marine alerted Stein’s superiors, who immediately launched an inquiry and are now taking administrative action. Stein has since been transferred to a desk job with no access to computers while he awaits a dismissal decision.

Stein says he’s shocked. He claims he was just exercising his free speech rights.

But the military has strict rules about people in uniform getting political. It also forbids recruits from using contemptuous words against their senior officers — including their president.

Stein says he’ll fight to stay in the Marines.