Beutner criticizes Los Angeles Fire Department in mayoral campaign

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Mayoral candidate Austin Beutner has been pushing for public safety improvements, centering around Los Angeles Fire Department emergency response times in his campaign. Besides exposing the LAFD's misleading data reports in a contribution to the Huffington Post, Beutner has released a Google Map documenting LAFD emergency response times.

In his Huffington Post article, Beutner decried City Hall's attempts to solve worsening response times.

"City Hall politicians have reacted in typical fashion – expressing outrage, claiming ignorance, denying responsibility and promising to find out what the actual number was in 2008," he wrote.

According to Beutner, City Hall data showed the LAFD getting to an emergency in less than five minutes only 59 percent of the time, though 2008 percentages were higher – at least 64 percent. The fire department has strayed from its 90 percent goal after budget cuts.

Beutner's concern has caused some action, the Los Angeles Times reports. Fire Commission President Genethia Hudley-Hayes told the L.A. Times they may discuss the issue at the next commission's meeting. A spokesman for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa confirmed that the city controller is already conducting an audit on fire response times.

With Beutner's map, you can find the station closest to you, or click on place marks to see the percent of emergencies that each LAFD station responds to in five minutes or less:

View LAFD Response Times Map in a larger map

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