More demonstrators take to the streets of LA for Trayvon Martin

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Southland community activists are urging people to contact their Congress members to express outrage over last month’s shooting death of African-American teenager Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. One rally took place Tuesday near Baldwin Hills; this follows a "Million Hoodie March" in downtown L.A. on Monday.

Demonstrators threw handfuls of candy in the air and said, “Skittles has never killed anyone.” Trayvon Martin, 17, was carrying a pack of the candy and a can of iced tea when neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, 28, shot him during a confrontation.

Danny Bakewell, who publishes the African-American L.A. Sentinel newspaper, led the rally. Bakewell says he wants to meet with L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck to discuss local incidents similar to the Martin case that activists believe police have largely ignored.

Among the demonstrators was popular 1990s West Coast rapper Yo-Yo, who said she urged her two children to rally for justice after Martin was killed.

Dozens of people chanted “I am Trayvon.” Adults and toddlers paid tribute by wearing hoodies, as did Martin on the night of the fatal incident. Protestors also held signs. One read, “Score a conviction 4 Trayvon Martin.”

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