Gov. Brown: Democrats will take the plunge on budget cuts

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Gov. Jerry Brown told law enforcement officials on Wednesday that he’s determined to erase California’s budget deficit with taxes and cuts.

Recent polls suggest growing public support for Brown’s temporary tax increase, but Democrats in the state Legislature have stymied many of the cuts he wants.

In recent weeks, Assembly Democrats rejected the governor’s cuts to Cal Grants and welfare-to-work benefits for unemployed adults. But, Brown says, he’s not worried.

"Look, this is like standing on the side of the lake at Lake Tahoe," Brown said. "It’s very cold. And sometimes, if you hesitate because you know the shock to your system when you dive in... That’s kind of the cuts [these are]."

"[Democrats] are a little reluctant," he added. "But they will dive in, because if they don’t, there’s no balanced budget.”

Brown had asked lawmakers to enact a number of his proposed cuts by this month so the state can start saving.

Senate Democrats say they’ll wait until May, after the state tallies up tax revenues, before they consider any major cuts.

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