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Dodgers fans react to new owner Magic Johnson, say they want jobs

File: Stanley Alvarez (West Covina, CA) waves a Dodgers flag.
File: Stanley Alvarez (West Covina, CA) waves a Dodgers flag.
Corey Bridwell/KPCC

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Baseball fans, as well as people who live and breathe the Lakers, are excited about Magic Johnson’s role in the deal to buy the Dodgers.

Damon Perry is an intern with AEG, which partnered with Magic a couple of years ago to try and bring an NFL team to town. He likes the Dodgers deal.

“It’s exciting. I’m excited. I’m hoping to go to some of the Dodger games this year.”

Fernando Martinez of downtown L.A. just found out about the news.

“He’s already a legend in the Lakers and now he’s part of the Dodgers. It sounds good.”

Given the recent troubles at Dodger Stadium and at Staples Center a couple years ago after the Lakers championship win, the potential new deal pleases Christine Delgado of Whittier.

“I think it’s good for the stadium too ‘cause everything that happened with that riot... I think that would be a good thing.”

Felipe Mejea of East L.A. says Magic’s involvement will lead to some great Dodger baseball.

“Very, very nice opportunity — and I think they're going up.”

Sharon Trimboli and her friends are vacationing in L.A. When they heard the news, they decided to try and work in a Dodger game before heading back overseas.

“Loving it. Loving it. I love the sport. I come all the way from Australia.”

Andy Wasef is in L.A. on business. He was a Magic fan as a kid growing up in the United Kingdom, and is now a bigger fan of the Dodgers.

“Good, for the franchise. I’m sure they’ll progress, go on to better things. Worst case scenario — you’ve got a great head of the organization now.”

Jesse Bernal of L.A. wonders how Magic will groom the team.

“I don’t know nothing about that, but I guess he does," Bernal said. "He has history in sports, so it should be a good thing."

Aly Sandoval grew up in Echo Park. He refers to Dodger Stadium as his backyard. With Magic on board he says he looks forward to another championship. "That’s what I go for: Another world series game. Like back in ’88."

Alex Pereyra of L.A. wants to follow Magic’s business plan for the team.

“I’d still like to know how he’s gonna work it and what he’s going to do with it, ‘cause I know he can do his Magic, so looking forward to seeing what happens in the near future.”

A guy who calls himself “The Doughboy” posed for snapshots in front of the Magic Johnson statue near Staples Center.

“The Dodgers need to win. I’m a Cardinals fan, but the Dodgers need to win. L.A. needs to be good.”

Nearby, Edward Lizama of L.A. says he hopes to meet Magic sometime soon.

"First thing, I’d hug the guy, take a picture of him and ask him ‘Sir, Mr. Johnson... Can I work? Can I have a job?”

Lizama’s not the only one who wants to ask Magic that question. A few unemployed fans say they hope the new Dodger regime will create more opportunities for work.

Photos by Corey Moore/KPCC.