LAX airlines about to play terminal musical chairs; Who's landing where?

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34031 full

Fasten your seat belt, because several airlines are playing musical terminals at LAX. The changes may take some getting used to.

The biggest change is at Terminal 6, where Alaska Airlines has just moved in, after a $270 million renovation. With its high-tech enhancements and self-service upgrades, Terminal 6 is being called "the Airport of the Future."

But the future is changing for a bunch of other carriers, too. Spirit Airlines has shifted from Terminal 6 to Terminal 3, while Great Lakes Airlines, another former Terminal 6 tenant, moves to Terminal 7.

Next month AirTran will leave Terminal 3 to join its corporate parent Southwest in Terminal 1.

And don’t go looking for Continental Airlines at any terminal. The company's merger with United is complete and the Continental name is going up, up and away.

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