Oakland Police search for gun in Christian college shooting that killed 7, wounded 3

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Police in Oakland are searching for the gun from Monday's deadly shooting at the Oikos Christian university. Officials say the suspect may have dumped a semi-automatic handgun in a small inlet after he fled from the campus where he shot 10 people; 7 of them died.

A couple of police boats are methodically trawling for the weapon in a bay off Shoreline Park in Alameda near the Oakland International Airport.

The department wants to find the weapon before it falls into the wrong hands said Oakland Police spokeswoman Johnna Watson. She calls it a critical piece of evidence in the investigation into the mass shooting at Oikos University. The suspect, former student One Goh, is cooperating with police, but so far he’s not saying exactly where he discarded the gun, Watson said.

Police are using a sonar device that can detect unusual objects in water. If they find something, they’ll call in divers to explore.

Police say that they hope to find the gun, but that the murky water, changing light and tides could slow their search.

The inlet they’re searching is along a highway that runs between the Oakland airport and the island town of Alameda, where the gunman turned himself in at a Safeway supermarket.

Police believe the suspect legally purchased the gun from a California dealer in recent weeks.

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