Long Beach considers making April 'Genocide Awareness Month'

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A couple of Los Angeles County public agencies are taking steps this month to memorialize genocides in foreign countries.

In his motion to establish April as Genocide Awareness Month, Long Beach Councilman Dee Andrews listed the atrocities that have made April the cruelest month.

In April 1915, the killings of more than a million Armenians began in present-day Turkey. The same month, in 1933, the Nazis in Germany wrote a decree to eliminate European Jews.

April 1975 marked the month the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia began a campaign of terror now known as the Killing Fields. The killing of Bosnian Muslims began in April 1992. The Rwandan Genocide began in the same month in 1994, and ethnic-based killings began in Sudan in April 2003.

Long Beach has a large Cambodian population that is backing the City Council genocide awareness motion, which will be taken up next week.

LAUSD's school board will consider a motion on Tuesday that will designate April as Armenian Genocide Remembrance Month.

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