Fish and Game tranquilizes 500-pound bear wandering La Crescenta neighborhood


KTLA captured footage of a La Crescenta man discovering the bear near his home. La Crescenta Lte. Angela Shepherd said it's not unusual for black bears to roam into the neighborhood.

Fish and Game officials have tranquilized a black bear that had been wandering around homes for hours Tuesday morning in La Crescenta.

Lieutenant Angela Shepherd of the La Crescenta Sheriff’s Station estimates the bear to be 500-pounds. She said they got a call just before sunrise after the bear was spotted behind a house near Mayfield Avenue and Briggs Avenue.

According to Shepherd, it’s not unusual to spot a bear in that neighborhood.

“It’s a regular residential neighborhood, maybe has a few more trees than some neighborhoods – that’s why the bear likes it so much," she said. "We get a lot of bears that come down from the hills during the year looking for food through the trash cans because we are right at the foothills of the mountains.”

Shepherd says after the tranquilizers have kicked in, Fish and Game officials will check on the bear’s health, tag it and take it back to the forest.

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