Lawyers drop Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman after he doesn't return phone calls

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Lawyers Hal Uhrig and Craig Sonner called a press conference Tuesday to announce they will no longer be representing George Zimmerman, who shot and killed unarmed black 17-year-old Trayvon Martin about two months ago. Zimmerman has claimed he shot the teen in self-defense, citing Florida's so-called Stand Your Ground law. The former neighborhood watch captain stopped returning his attorneys' phone calls two days ago.

"We have a pretty good idea of where he is," Sommer said. "We didn't want to know the exact location. We just know that whenever we contact him it goes to voicemail."

The communication blackout, according to Sonner and Uhrig, began on Sunday.

"He's not returning my calls, not returning my texts, not returning my e-mails," said Sommer. "He won't even give me a collect call."

Zimmerman has, in the past two days, allegedly contacted the Special Prosecutor's Office without his lawyers' knowledge. He has also started a website,

The website, the attorneys verified, does indeed seem to be created by Zimmerman — and the contributions on the PayPal account are going to him.

Both lawyers maintained that they "absolutely do stand by everything [they've] said in this case" and believe Zimmerman was acting in self-defense.

One of the attorneys has said that he has never personally met George Zimmerman. They formerly communicated via phone and e-mail.

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