USC plans to offer $125,000 reward for information on murdered students

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USC is planning to announce an award for information leading to the suspect that killed two international graduate students Wednesday.

Los Angeles police are reviewing surveillance video from the neighborhood where someone shot and killed two students from China. Meanwhile, university officials plan to offer a $125,000 reward for information about the suspect, who so far remains at large. The reward is expected to be announced Friday at 1 p.m.

Electrical engineering students Ying Wu and Ming Qu were shot early Wednesday morning as they sat in a car on Raymond Avenue a few blocks northwest of the USC campus.

LAPD investigators canvassed the neighborhood interviewing residents, some of whom said they’d heard the gunshots. Fewer said they’d seen a person running from the scene. It was dark and pouring rain at 1 a.m. when the shooting happened.

The double homicide has shaken people who study and work at USC, as well as sparking concern on both sides of the Pacific about the safety of nearby neighborhoods.

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