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LA feds bust 'Farmer's Market' for selling drugs online including pot, LSD, ecstasy and more

Photo by Alexodus via Flickr Creative Commons

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When you think of a farmers' market, perhaps some organic tomatoes come to mind, but the U.S. Attorney's Office in Los Angeles says it's busted a very different kind of Farmer's Market, one which sold illegal drugs online all around the world.

"The Farmer's Market," as it was dubbed by the eight men that ran the outfit, had been in business for six years. During that time, federal officials say it served as a "cyber-supermarket," selling marijuana, LSD, ecstasy, hashish and a long list of other illegal drugs.

Officials estimate the Market had about 3,000 customers worldwide.

Suppliers used Web technology to hide their identities, and buyers were able to use conveniences like PayPal and Western Union to complete their transactions.

Some of the customers, and one of the undercover drug enforcement agents, came from this area.

The suspected ringleader is a Dutch citizen who was arrested in the Netherlands.

Other North American arrests took place in Iowa, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, New York and New Jersey.

If convicted, they could go to prison for life.