USC officials discuss safety with Chinese students following murders

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University of Southern California officials met with Chinese students on Monday to talk about safety on and off campus. The meeting follows the shooting deaths of two Chinese graduate students in a nearby neighborhood about a week ago.

Only students were allowed to attend. The two victims, 23-year-olds Ying Wu and Ming Qu, were electrical engineering grad students.

Their deaths touched many of their compatriots, at a university with high international student enrollment. Mingshi Di is a junior studying communications.

"We all come from China," said Mingshi Di, a junior-year communications major. "We all left our parents, left the same kind of memories. We share the same kind of experiences, you know."

Detectives and USC public safety officers also met Monday with the parents of the two victims. The families arrived in Los Angeles during the weekend and visited the memorial students have arranged at Ying Wu’s home in the West Adams neighborhood.

The university has offered a $125,000 reward offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the shooter.

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