California drivers could keep registration, proof of insurance on smartphones in new bill

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You’re driving. You get pulled over, or get into a fender bender. But instead of digging through the glove compartment for your registration and proof of insurance, you pull them up on your smartphone.

That’s the idea behind the bill by Democratic Assemblyman Mike Gatto. He says the DMV already has registration records online. And if the idea catches on, the DMV could create an opt-in system.

“I would venture that probably, you know, anybody under the age of 60 would probably opt in to this," says Gatto. "That could save the DMV a significant amount of money when it comes to both printing and mailing registration forms.”

He says most insurance companies also have proof of insurance forms online, but the bill doesn’t require them to.

Gatto’s bill was approved unanimously by a legislative committee.

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