Dozens of GOP bills stalled in state legislature this week

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Mike Roe/KPCC

The California State Capitol building in Sacramento. A slew of Republican-sponsored bills were stalled this week.

Hundreds of bills passed their first committee votes this week at the State Capitol. But quite a few, from the Republican minority, got stalled.

One measure would create a sales tax exemption for the purchase of manufacturing equipment.

The California Chamber of Commerce calls that bill one of its “Job Creators” – but it’s been moved to the suspense file, meaning it might come up for a vote someday. Or it might not.

A measure that would streamline California’s death penalty system also failed. That prompted an angry outburst from Mark Klaas, the father of a slain girl whose killer still sits on death row 15 years after his sentence.

"There is no way that the death penalty will ever be fixed," he said. "And we all agree that it’s a broken system as long as you turn your back on every common-sense solution that’s put forth."

And a bill that would make romantic relationships between high school teachers and students over 18 a felony stalled this week as well.

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