PBS to air new footage of man tasered to death at border

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It’s been two years since Anastacio Hernandez Rojas died after he was repeatedly tasered by San Diego Border Patrol Agents attempting to deport him.

Now, new footage of the incident has emerged, renewing calls for justice.

The eyewitness video is included in a documentary about Rojas’ death that will air on PBS.

After his death, Border Patrol Agents said Rojas had been combative. The video shows about a dozen agents surrounding and tasing him as he squirms on the ground.

“Was Hernandez Rojas, as the police statement suggests, combative when he was killed?" asks the documentary's trailer. "Or was he on the ground and handcuffed?”

Hernandez Rojas had lived in the U.S. for two decades when he was deported in May of 2010.

Warning: the following clip contains some graphic images.

The San Diego Coroner ruled the death a homicide, and the U.S. Justice Department took over the investigation. But there’s been silence ever since.

Christian Ramirez is one of the activists who’s been calling for justice in the case. He says the entire video lasts several minutes and shows agents kicking and tasing a helpless Rojas multiple times.

“Knowing that that had been the testimony of eyewitnesses from the very beginning and knowing that from the very beginning Border Patrol had tried to justify this brutal beating was very upsetting, because this man was tortured to death," says Ramirez.

A Border Patrol spokeswoman said she could not comment on the video because the Justice Department is still investigating.

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