LA Councilman Tom LaBonge celebrates Earth Day overseas

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A somewhat unusual Earth Day commemoration involved international travel for one Los Angeles city councilman.

Tom LaBonge is one of a half-dozen city leaders from around the United States who took a National League of Cities trip to Sweden and Germany.

Mayors and council members met with their Swede counterparts in the city of Malmo and in Stockholm, where they talked about how to redevelop polluted land and industrial areas, as well as how to balance consumer interest in electronics with energy efficiency.

In Germany, LaBonge and an official from the Port of Los Angeles presented L.A.’s story about improving air quality and energy efficiency at the harbor complex.

Like other parts of the trip, the discussion about ports was aimed at encouraging cities to work together globally to push for environmental change.

Official visits wrapped up on Friday.

Representatives from Salt Lake City, Dubuque, Saint Paul, Baltimore, Cleveland and L.A. return to their usual jobs next week.

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