Minor involved in police shooting of Kendrec McDade appears in court Tuesday

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The 17-year old minor allegedly involved in a burglary the night an unarmed black man was shot by Pasadena police will be in court on Tuesday.

The unidentified minor will appear in Pasadena juvenile court for a hearing that could determine whether he will be tried as a juvenile or an adult. The 17 year-old faces two burglary charges and a grand theft charge in connection with the incident that happened on March 24.

Pasadena police say the minor stole a backpack from a car that belonged to a man who falsely reported an armed robbery that night. That call led police to believe the minor and 19 year-old Kendrec McDade, who was allegedly with the juvenile, had a gun.

That, Pasadena police claim, led them to shoot and kill McDade when they cornered him later that evening. Police thought he was reaching for a gun; McDade was not armed.

His family is suing the City of Pasadena and its police department.

The juvenile was on probation at the time police say he committed the crime. He also faces charges for failing to register as a gang member.

His name has still not been released.

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