Feds called as dispensaries pop-up like weeds in Garden Grove

Photo by Dank Depot via Flickr Creative Commons

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Garden Grove police want federal officials to help them deal with the increasing number of medical marijuana dispensaries in their city.

Police Chief Kevin Raney broke the news to the Garden Grove City Council Tuesday night that his department has been in touch with federal agents.

Raney estimates there are about 60 medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of 170,000 people.

Maureen Blackmun is with the Central Garden Grove Neighborhood Association. She had voted in favor of medical marijuana but now says there are just too many dispensaries in the city.

“Anybody who needs it should have it," says Blackmun. "I have no problems with that. I have a problem with the number, and the unregulated situation.”

“Let’s just make it legal for everyone and stop the charade," she concludes, adding that legalization would solve problems with jail overcrowding and produce tax revenue.

Like many California cities, Garden Grove is caught up in the legal confusion over medical marijuana. The drug is allowed in the state of California, but illegal according to the federal government. That's led to a cornucopia of lawsuits and repeal propositions.