Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day on Capitol Hill with Rep. Adam Schiff

Congressman Adam Schiff and his daughter Alexa.
Congressman Adam Schiff and his daughter Alexa.
Kitty Felde/KPCC

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It was Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day across the country, including on Capitol Hill, where 13-year-old Alexa Schiff tagged along with her dad and got a crash course in D.C. politics.

Alexa Schiff had a busy day, sitting at the front desk of Congressman Adam Schiff. She said she answered phones and stuffed envelopes.

Alexa Schiff’s no political rookie. Her dad, the Democrat from Burbank, said his daughter pinch hit for him to commemorate Burbank’s 100th anniversary.

Congressman Schiff said he had votes "and Alexa presented a letter from the president to the city before 100 VIPs, and she did great!"

Alexa said her favorite part of her Washington visit is accompanying her father to the House floor for votes.

"You always see in movies and like TV shows people talking on the House floor," said Alexa. "And it’s really cool to be there where everything happens."

Congressman Schiff said taking his daughter to work helps Alexa understand what he does for a living, and lets her see the legislative process — wrinkles and all — close up.