LA wants tenants to have off-line way to pay rent

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Landlords who collect rent online would be required to accept off-line payments under a motion approved today by the Los Angeles City Council.

Los Angeles landlords who allow tenants to pay their monthly rent and fees online would be required to also have an off-line way to receive payments under a motion unanimously approved today by the Los Angeles City Council.

The City Attorney’s Office was directed to draft an ordinance that would require a non-Internet way to receive rent. Landlords who fail to comply could face action from the Los Angeles Housing Department.

“There are a number of landlords who are now requiring that rent be paid online, which of course is a significant imposition on some of our seniors and others who may not have access to computers or may not be familiar with it,” said Councilman Paul Krekorian.

The California Apartment Association, which represents building owners and developers, supports the motion, noting in a letter to the Housing, Community and Economic Development Committee that, “residents who do not have access to technology should be allowed to pay rent with traditional means.”

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