Foundation: Only 1 percent of philanthropic giving goes to Latinos

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According to the group Hispanics in Philanthropy, very little philanthropic funding is directed towards Latino communities. The group has organized a massive conference in Los Angeles in order to change that.

They say that only about 1 percent of foundation giving in the United States is targeted specifically at Latinos. Hispanics in Philanthropy is a network of 600 grant-makers interested in dramatically increasing that number.

The organization wants to increase philanthropic spending on issues affecting Latinos, such as poverty, access to education, health disparities and political participation. According to the group, about one out of every six dollars spent nationally on Latinos goes to groups in the greater Los Angeles area.

That’s by far the biggest share of the national pie, but given Southern California’s huge Latino population, Hispanics in Philanthropy says it’s still not nearly enough.

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