Activists prepare for (another) rally to close San Onofre nuclear power plant

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Anti-nuclear activists plan a march and rally starting at 12:30 p.m. at the San Onofre nuclear power plant on Sunday. The groups want to shut down the plant permanently.

The plant has been shut down since January due to problems with unusual wear in steam generator tubes.

The “Shut Down San Onofre” rally and march starts at the San Onofre State Beach parking lot.

“San Onofre, which has one of the worst safety records of nuclear power plants, should be shut down," said Gene Stone, a representative of the San Clemente-based Residents Organized for a Safe Environment. It's one of several groups participating in the rally.

“We don’t believe that either the ratepayers or the taxpayers should have to pay for any more improvements on an old, failing nuclear power plant," said Stone, summing up many of the protesters' feelings.

In the last few years, Southern California Edison has upgraded the San Onofre plant. But relatively new steam generator tubes have shown unusual wear.

It was cited as the cause for a radioactive steam leak from one of the plant’s two units last January. When inspectors looked at the other unit, they found the same problem.

Both reactors remain offline.

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