Accused Oikos University shooter One Goh pleads not guilty

One Goh is accused of murdering seven people in a massacre in Oakland.
One Goh is accused of murdering seven people in a massacre in Oakland.
Alameda County Sheriff's Office

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One Goh appeared calm in court on Thursday when the accused Oikos University shooter pleaded not guilty to seven counts murder and three counts attempted murder.

The 43-year old Korean national, wearing a red jumpsuit and shackled to his chair, looked placidly at reporters and family members of victims—who came to look at the man accused of gunning down six students and one secretary at Oikus University near the Oakland Airport.

Prosecutors say Goh went to his former nursing school to confront an administrator. They say when Goh found out she wasn’t there, he ordered students to line up against a wall and began shooting.

Investigators say Goh has confessed. He apologized for the killings in an interview with a San Francisco TV reporter.

Goh had refused to eat since he was arrested, lost 20 pounds and was transferred to the jail infirmary. Alameda County Sheriff’s spokesman said Monday that Goh resumed eating over the weekend.

After Goh pleaded not guilty, his attorney refused to answer any questions. Goh has waived his right to a preliminary hearing. The next scheduled court date is June 30th.

The Alameda County District Attorney has yet to decide whether to seek the death penalty.