Man who scammed immigrants, businesses with fake work visas will not serve prison time

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A Canoga Park man who scammed businesses and immigrants looking for work visas will not serve any prison time.

Last summer, federal authorities arrested Carlos Alberto Silva as part of a major crackdown on immigration fraud. Silva, posing as an attorney, would file fake immigration paperwork for companies looking to hire undocumented workers.

He also was involved with Mexican agencies that would illegally charge immigrants nearly $4,000 for work visas.

Silva made an emotional plea for leniency in court today. He expressed remorse, saying he was trying to provide for his financially struggling family. Silva also noted that he has earned a BA in political science and wants to be a lawyer.

Judge Audrey Collins said she was moved by Silva’s apology and his family situation. Noting that he had gotten his bachelor's degree and has no prior criminal background, she sentenced him to five months in a halfway house to be followed by five months of home detention with an electronic monitoring device.

Silva paid $18,000 in restitution to businesses he scammed. And he is not allowed to have any more dealings with immigration services.

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