State Republicans hope to re-brand as "Party of Yes" on California tour

 Michele Bachmann

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

California Republican Party chairman Tom Del Beccaro (R) with Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.

California Republicans are gearing up for a statewide tour ahead of next month’s primary election.

Assembly Minority Leader Connie Conway says the purpose is simple: letting people know exactly what the Republican Party stands for.

"So often, we have to rely on others to say what we believe and who we are and what we think," she explains. "And I always prefer to do that for myself.

State Party Chair Tom Del Beccaro is starting the tour in Fresno and Bakersfield on Friday. His primary goal? Convincing voters to reject Governor Jerry Brown’s November tax initiative.

Republicans are also calling themselves the “Party of Yes,” in response to months of Democrats labeling them the “Party of No.”

The GOP points to its support for the governor’s pension plan, and a budget proposal that doesn’t include new taxes or cuts to education.

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