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Photos: Saturday's super moon brightens LA night

Saturday's"super" moon as seen from Culver City
Courtesy Shawn K. Riley
The moon, from Trabuco Canyon. Super moons are 14 percent brighter and 30 percent bigger than other full moons.
Evelyn Grass
Saturday's "Super" moon peers from behind a treetop in Central Park, Huntington Beach.
Courtesy Martyak Gregory
"Super Moon" with airplane
Courtesy Scott Bateman
The super moon glows above buildings at Park La Brea, Mid-Wilshire.
Aaron T. Harvey
An instagram of the moon, pictured in Pasadena. According to NASA Science News, the best time to look is when the Moon is near the horizon, because low-hanging Moons look unnaturally large when they beam through trees, buildings and other foreground objects.
Erin Gillin
A view of the moon, from Burbank.
Keri Kilgo
Another glimpse of the moon through folliage, this time in Culver City.
Shawn K. Riley
The super moon above Beverly Blvd. stores outshines street lights in this instagram.
Roxana Jullapat
KPCC's John Rabe snapped this shot of the super moon from Los Feliz, titling it "Rabbit Moon."
John Rabe

Los Angeles isn't the prime location for skywatching, but last Saturday brought a celestial phenomenon that couldn't be covered by city smog: a super moon, the biggest full moon of the year.

According to NASA Science News, the moon was the largest it has ever been in 20 years.

We've compiled KPCC listener-submitted photos into a gallery of the spectacle.