Boy who allegedly shot ICE agent father to enter plea

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A 14-year old boy who allegedly shot and killed his father in Carson last week will enter a plea on Monday. He’s being charged with murder and he could be tried as an adult.

The boy is scheduled to appear in Compton juvenile court after allegedly shooting his father, 42-year-old Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agent Myron Chisem.

Chisem's government-issued gun was used to shoot him through a window from the backyard of his Carson home last Wednesday night.

Neighbor Shawn Butler says he and Chisem were good friends ever since the two met in the Navy about 20 years ago. Butler described Chisem’s son as a quiet, nice kid who liked playing video games.

“He’s 14 years old," says Butler, sounding flabbergasted. "He’s got to deal with this for the rest of this life. He’s got a lot of stuff he’s got to face now, you know, so that’s a separate tragedy. His father’s gone… It shouldn’t happen like this.”

The L.A. district attorney plans to ask a juvenile judge to have the teenager tried as an adult. That will be determined during a fitness hearing at a later time.

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