Metrolink CEO John Fenton of past 2 years announces resignation

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Metrolink CEO John Fenton announced his resignation on Monday, leaving the rail authority he's steered for just over two years to head a train company in Florida, reports the L.A. Times.

“There is nothing at Metrolink that is causing me to leave,” Fenton told the Times. “It’s been a wonderful experience and one of the most gratifying jobs I’ve had or will ever have. We’ve made a lot of progress since I arrived. I feel really good about the position that Metrolink is in.”

Fenton's resignation comes at a time of transition for Metrolink as the service attempts to cut costs while simultaneously implementing safety features.

Fenton will remain on board for a "transition period" of indeterminate length while the board of directors searches for an interim director, and an eventual replacement. Metrolink spokeswoman Sherita Coffelt says that there are no current potential candidates.

"This is all very sudden," says Coffelt, adding that Metrolink employees were only told of his resignation at 2 p.m. "There was going to be a board meeting this Friday, but it's likely they may talk before then. This is definitely a priority."

An official announcement will be released on Tuesday morning.

Fenton has been praised for championing initiatives such as automatic braking (which the service has installed at 49 locations) and Positive Train Control, a GPS-based tracking system which would allow operators to remotely stop trains.

The Southern California Rail Authority oversees about 162 daily running trains. On average, over 40,000 riders use the Metrolink from across Southern California.

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