Orange police search Brea landfill again in vain for 2 missing boys

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Police from the city of Orange searched a Brea landfill again on Thursday without finding the bodies of two young boys. Authorities allege that their father killed the children.

Searchers have already found their mother’s body in Los Angeles County.

Prosecutors have charged Shazer Fernando Limas with killing her and the two boys Ed Joyce has the latest on the recovery effort.

Sgt. Dan Adams with the Orange Police Department used cadaver-sniffing dogs to search the Brea landfill again.

“We were there for four days, we searched it as best we could," says Adams. "And right now, [...] we’re investigating the timeline of events after we believe the murders were committed.”

Sgt. Adams says he and his colleagues hope that timeline will help investigators in their search. They believe the murders occurred April 14 and that the mother's body was dumped on April 25.

“So now we’re looking at ten days, maybe even more," says Adams. "We don’t know his whereabouts during that entire time. And those bodies could be anywhere. There’s the potential we could be searching other landfills as well eventually.”

He says Shazer Fernando Limas is charged with killing his two sons, 1-year-old Fernando and 3-month-old Emmanuel, as well as their mother, 31-year-old Arlet Contreras.

Authorities found her body in Los Angeles County.

The four shared an apartment in Orange. After Limas vacated the unit last month, managers discovered blood and called police.

Limas was arrested after a high-speed chase on Interstate 5 ended in northern San Diego County.

His arraignment on three murder charges is scheduled for May 23, and prosecutors say they may seek the death penalty.

Limas is being held without bail at the Orange County Jail.

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