Local leaders tell LA drivers to plan ahead for 'the Rampture,' with 405 Freeway ramps being closed

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Driving through West L.A. will be even harder than usual this summer, and you can blame it on what some are calling “the Rampture.” Beginning June 22, crews will start shutting down eight busy Wilshire Boulevard entrance and exit ramps along the 405 Freeway.

Caltrans will tear up and rebuild two ramps at a time, and the first two — the westbound Wilshire onramp to northbound 405 and the northbound 405 offramp to westbound Wilshire — will see construction for 90 days.

L.A. City Councilman Bill Rosendahl chairs the transportation committee. Standing near the crowded Wilshire Boulevard-405 interchange, he said drivers should take the time now to map out detours.

“People who want to go to LAX, when those flights are being organized, you have to figure out how you’re going to move along to get to the airport," he warned. "Those who live around here, if we don’t have patience, we’re not going to make it. Because it is a tough moment for all of us.”

When crews complete the first two ramps, they’ll continue on to the remaining six — two at a time. Leaders plan to have all eight freeway entrances and exits finished sometime next year.

The effort is meant to improve safety and reduce traffic congestion.

It's part of the joint billion-dollar Sepulveda Pass Improvement Project between Caltrans and Metro. That project is also rebuilding bridges, widening underpasses, building sound walls and adding a 10-mile carpool lane to the 405.

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