For Mother's Day, a collection of gifts your mother has given you

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On Mother's Day, it's all about the gifts for mom — flowers, jewelry, dinners... but what about what she has given us? We asked our audience to share the gifts their mothers have given them, and this is what they said.

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The gifts a mother gives...

On Mother's Day, it's all about the gifts for Mom — flowers, jewelry, dinners....but what about what she has given us? We asked our audience to share the gifts their mothers have given them, and this is what they said.

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Our mothers are life-givers and life-savers:
@KPCC my mom gave me life twice: once when i was born, then again from the absolute brinks of depression. #momsgiftI.M. Important
She gave me life, my best friend (my sister) and one of my favorite people (my brother); opportunity for a better life (by immigrating to this country); and above all, LOVE. I absolutely adore my mother, and I am grateful to be so close to her. I hope to have her for many more years, to keep learning from her.Ursula Maria Kleinecke-Boyer
She (and my dad) gave me life, just as edgar says; I was her first too. Then they spoiled it by giving me 5 siblings!!! Ha ha ha!!! [If you guys are reading this I'm just kidding!]Mark À Irvine
Our mothers show us strength:
My mom taught me what it means to serve your country, so I wrote this for her: "A Salute to the Mothers of Freedom" Gallagher
From Czarina Tran

She was caught in the midst of the Vietnam war. During that time, she was obligated to carry me in her tummy. The family managed to board the boat at night to carry her family, relatives, and many more Vietnamese/Chinese people away from Vietnam. While we were on the boat for 1 whole month, there wasn't any food. All she manage[d] to have was 1 bowl of rice to shared with her 4 children and my mother who was 8 months pregnant with me. 1 month past and as we crossed the Hong Kong ocean, she gave birth to me in the crowded boat. Hong Kong sent their airplanes to carry me out of the ship to the hospital. This happened on Christmas Eve. We soon moved to Los Angeles 10 months after living in the shack of Hong Kong. 

My parents came to America without anything, but manage to support her 7 children and raised us to be responsible and educated adults. Thanks to my mother, she has given everything to us to the best of her ability.                             
@KPCC #momsgift My late mom,Betty Alexander Arbuckle,gave me the strength to persevere through adversity,and an appreciation of life.Ivey McClelland
Our mothers show us hope:
@KPCC My mother gave me the gift of optimism, kindness, generosity, accepting people for who they are and judging them. #momsgiftCathi Mims Yamaguchi
Our mothers are quirky:
Colorful colloquialisms. I'm always saying things like "John's as funny as a crutch," or "I wouldn't know Katy Perry if she hit me in the face," and my friends look at me as if I'm nuts. Yesterday my co-workes said they want to start a website called, "Sh*t Kay Says." :-) My mother is an artist with both words and a paintbrush.Kay Cornwell Romer
Our mothers made us readers:
 From Mag Parkhurst: Every Wednesday afternoon she took me and my sister to the library, where we checked out as many books as we liked. Afterwards, we had dinner out together at a small Italian restaurant nearby with red-checkered table cloths, an unheard-of luxury. She must have known that I stayed up late reading under my covers with a flashlight, but never tried to stop me.                             
Our mothers taught us how to cook:
From Diane CohenMy mother's legacy seems to be constantly emerging. She died 23 years ago, and like most mothers and daughters, we had our share of arguments, but today, as I watch myself playing with my grandchildren and cooking the foods she taught me to cook, I see her hands mixing the matza ball batter and forming the balls; I see her hands combing my granddaughter's hair and teaching the girls to knit; I hear her voice singing lullabies to my grandchildren. Our parenting styles are so different, but there's a kind of groundedness that I got from her, a sense of what's really important in life, the supreme priority of family over everything else. I couldn't have answered this question 10 years ago, and I know that as the years pass I will find more of her in me, her expectation that people be honest and forthright, her pull-no-punches attitude.                             
And sometimes, our mothers give us actual gifts, along with their legacy:
What my mother gave me by TamaraeveTamara Madison remembers three things her mother gave her.

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