Demonstrations begin against Gov. Jerry Brown's revised budget

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About two dozen protesters gathered Monday in front of the Ronald Reagan State Building in downtown Los Angeles to protest Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed budget, only hours after Brown revealed millions in cuts to social services as a part of his revised May budget.

The speakers called the governor's proposed budget "immoral" because it "loaded cuts onto the poor" and cut back on social safety nets, including Medi-Cal, CalWORKs and In-Home Support Services.

A proposed $1.2 billion in cuts to Medi-Cal remain from the governor's original budget proposal. That would slice the hours for 7 percent of home health care aides.

"I'm a quadriplegic," said Cynde Soto, a disability rights advocate. "I'm unable to move anything below my shoulders. The ladies that work with me, they help me with that sort of thing. If their hours are cut, that means that I will not get the help that I need to live."

"I'll have to be institutionalized. I'll have no life," she added. "That's what I'm really afraid of."

Protesters called on Brown to find ways to raise new revenues within the state by closing corporate tax loopholes and placing a higher tax burden on the wealthy.

The $91 billion budget relies on a temporary increase to the taxes of wealthy individuals, and an increase in state sales tax.

Media outnumbered the protesters by a small margin.

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