Gov. Jerry Brown's revised California budget spares environmental programs — if voters support tax measure

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27176 full

Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed budget maintains most state environmental programs, but the California Capitol Network reports that he’s calling for cuts to park and wildlife programs if voters reject his tax ballot measure later this year.

The governor’s backup plan would trim more than $20 million from environment programs, including a million-dollar slash in warden staffing from the Department of Fish and Game.

"It’s budget dust," said Kim Delfino of the group Defenders of Wildlife. "It’s such a small amount of money, yet the impact's going to be enormous. [...] California has less wardens per capita than any other state. These men and women are the last line of defense against poachers and polluters."

The governor’s trigger cuts would also eliminate all lifeguards on state beaches to save about $1.5 million.

The plan would cut $10 million from the state’s firefighting budget and $6.5 million from flood control programs, leaving levee upkeep to shoulder the weight.

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