Revised California state budget includes $2.5 billion in cuts to health care services

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38353 full

Health care is among the top targets in Gov. Jerry Brown’s revision of the state budget released Monday, as the revised budget takes out $2.5 billion in cuts to health and human services programs.

Among the health care cuts proposed is $1.2 billion from Medi-Cal, $225 million from In-Home Supportive Services and about $161 million from an assortment of other state health care programs.

Gov. Brown said the cuts are necessary to shore up a larger-than-expected deficit that’s now threatening to top $16 billion.

"The problem is not that we don’t know how to spend our money," said Vanessa Aramayo, the executive director of California Partnership, a statewide coalition of anti-poverty groups that oppose the proposed cuts. "We’ve cut substantially over the years. The problem is that we’re not generating enough revenue."

Aramayo said that California can bring in more cash by closing corporate tax loopholes and by imposing a tax on oil companies for each barrel they produce here.

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