Governor Brown pitches proposed budget cuts to business leaders

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Governor Jerry Brown is pitching his proposed budget cuts to business leaders as 5 percent pay cut for state workers.

But, Brown later insisted, he's also willing to "share the pain."

“I’ve said to leadership, certainly the agency heads and myself will do more than we ask anyone else to do,” says Brown.

California Capitol Network reports that the governor kept a positive spin on the financial future of California while speaking to business leaders on Tuesday in the Chamber of Commerce.

He talked about the need to build high-speed rail, to fix California’s water system and to make the necessary budget cuts to get California’s economy rolling again.

“I’m going to get it done," Brown declared. "We’ll make compromises where we need... but we’re going to build for the future, we’re not going to steal from it. [...W]e’ll set an example for those folks in Washington to clean up their act as we have cleaned up ours.”

The governor also told business leaders his proposed tax initiative is a better alternative than more cuts to schools and universities.

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