HealthCare Partners to merge with Denver clinics group

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Torrance-based HealthCare Partners, the nation’s largest operator of physicians' networks and medical groups, has announced a merger with a Denver-based kidney dialysis care group.

HealthCare Partners expects to close the merger deal by the end of this year with Denver-based DaVita Incorporated, a nationwide operator of kidney dialysis clinics.

Officials at Torrance-based HealthCare Partners, which provides coordinated medical care to about 600,000 Southland residents, say the organization’s senior management team will remain with the new company to manage existing business.

That team includes HealthPartners CEO and Chairman, Dr. Robert Margolis, who will be co-chairman of the new entity. Upon completion of the merger, the company will be renamed DaVita HealthCare Partners.

The merger is subject to the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act, which requires the parties provide the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice with business information about each company.

They must also hold off on closing the deal until a legally-required waiting period passes.

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