Anti-nuke groups gather to plot strategy for shutting down California nuclear plants

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A coalition of anti-nuclear groups meets Sunday in San Clemente to plan what they’ll do next in their effort to shut down California’s two nuclear power plants.

The meeting comes as the San Onofre nuclear plant remains offline.

More than 20 groups are expected at the meeting, including San Clemente Green, Friends of the Earth, two Sierra Club chapters and the Abalone Alliance. They’ve banded together as Nuclear Free California.

“We will be discussing state strategies and we will spend some time coordinating a national strategy as well," said Gene Stone, who's with the San Clemente-based Residents Organized for a Safe Environment.

He said the groups’ first statewide action was last Wednesday, when protesters delivered letters to utility companies in San Francisco, San Diego and Irvine, calling for the San Onofre and Diablo nuclear plants to be closed permanently.

The San Onofre facility has been offline since late January after a tube leak sent a small amount of radiation into the atmosphere.

Investigators later discovered tubes that carry radioactive water are wearing unusually fast.

Southern California Edison said it’ll submit plans to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission when engineers are ready to fire up the two reactors.

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