LA Kings head east to prep for the Stanley Cup Finals

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The Los Angeles Kings is traveling east today to get ready for Wednesday’s Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals. KPCC’s Erika Aguilar reports LA’s hockey heroes are more than ready to get on the ice.

The Kings have had six days off and there’s still more waiting to do before they finally get to play another hockey game. But it’s something they’re are used to. Kings center Anze Kopitar [AHN-jay KOH-pi-tahr] says the team has peaked and synched at just the right time — and everyone’s feeling the buzz.

“You know just the excitement and…you’re talking bout the biggest stage in hockey," Kopitar said. "It’s…I don’t know if you can get any bigger. Obviously you want to play in it. I don’t know, it’s going to be fun.”

Head Coach Darryl Sutter says he wanted to move the team to the East Coast early to get used to the time change. And if it makes Kings fans feel any better, the team’s played better away from home than at the Staples Center.

The Kings now hold the NHL’s longest road winning streak in Stanley Cup playoff history: 10 games straight.

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