On a widely observed holiday, many closings

Post office mail tub
Post office mail tub
Sean Nash/Flickr (Creative Commons-licensed)

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Since Monday federal holidays became the norm about four decades ago, the level of observance has varied. A smattering of major banks stayed open for business on Presidents’ Day; far more public than private entities close for Martin Luther King Day.

But on this day the nation honors its war dead, you can expect more slowdowns and shutdowns than on a usual Monday. Memorial Day commands pretty uniform observance – and not only because it’s the unofficial launch to summer.

All government agencies except emergency services are closed today. So are schools, banks, post offices, courts and libraries.

Most Metrolink commuter rail isn’t rolling - except for two runs between Los Angeles Union Station and Lancaster. The Southland's major public transit agencies – LA County Metro, the Orange County Transportation Authority and Foothill Transit operate on Sunday or holiday schedules; the Riverside Transit Agency and Omnitrans in San Bernardino County won’t run buses today.

If you’re cleaning up your home or yard, or tidying up after a barbecue, check your local government for garbage pickup. More likely than not, it’ll happen a day later than usual this week.